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Since we are in the process of creating our own musical content, you may wish to enjoy listening to the music found in these select sites. While most run on Real Player, some may require for you to have Windows Media Player.  It's always a good idea for you to have both on your PC.

عادل الماس




3oshaq el-nesee7a 3oshaq el-nesee7a
3'areeb 3'areeb
A3tether lak kaif A3tether lak kaif
Allah ma3aai Allah ma3aai
Asta7melik Asta7melik
El-jar7 el-5a6eer El-jar7 el-5a6eer
El-nedam (w/ W. El-Hooly) El-nedam (w/ W. El-Hooly)
El-saaber El-saaber
Jamer el-weda3 Jamer el-weda3
Kel 3am oo jar7i eb5air Kel 3am oo jar7i eb5air
Kel el-7ob Kel el-7ob
Ma7ad kama el-mawla Ma7ad kama el-mawla
Meshtereeh Meshtereeh
Reddi el-zeyara Reddi el-zeyara
Sebooh Sebooh
Sha5barik Sha5barik
Wagt el-tesame7 Wagt el-tesame7
Ya ma5eth el-ayam Ya ma5eth el-ayam