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Since we are in the process of creating our own musical content, you may wish to enjoy listening to the music found in these select sites. While most run on Real Player, some may require for you to have Windows Media Player.  It's always a good idea for you to have both on your PC.

ابو بكر سالم





3adik ella se3'eer   3adik ella se3'eer
3'ayaar   3'ayaar
5oth min el-hashemi   5oth min el-hashemi
6aab al-samar   6aab al-samar
Aseel walla aseel   Aseel walla aseel
Bashel 7obbak   Bashel 7obbak
Enta wainak   Enta wainak
Gal bo me7thar   Gal bo me7thar
Kama el-reesha   Kama el-reesha
Kathar allah 5airak   Kathar allah 5airak
Ma 3alaina ya 7abeebi   Ma 3alaina ya 7abeebi
Ma 7abait 3'eerak   Ma 7abait 3'eerak
Ma eftahamly   Ma eftahamly
Shellena   Shellena
Te3'ali6 el-nas   Te3'ali6 el-nas
Tesafaina   Tesafaina
Thabi El-Yaman   Thabi El-Yaman
Thabi ramah   Thabi ramah
Tobna 5alaas   Tobna 5alaas
Ya thabi san3a   Ya thabi san3a
Ya zare3een el-3enab   Ya zare3een el-3enab
Zamanak   Zamanak