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على بن محمد




3`al6at al-sha6er   3`al6at al-sha6er
5al el-sha3ar   5al el-sha3ar
7abeebi el-awali   7abeebi el-awali
7ekayat el-3'aram (HALA Feb.)   7ekayat el-3'aram (HALA Feb.)
7esak tegool   7esak tegool
A7e6ak fee galbee   A7e6ak fee galbee
A7es da5ely Mo3'ram   A7es da5ely Mo3'ram
A7es da5ely Mo3'ram (HALA Feb.)   A7es da5ely Mo3'ram (HALA Feb.)
Ahal el-kuwait (HALA Feb.)   Ahal el-kuwait (HALA Feb)
Ashtaag (HALA Feb.)   Ashtaag (HALA Feb.)
De5eelik Very New   De5eelik Very New
Enta jeet men nafsaak   Enta jeet men nafsaak
Ent el-gomar   Ent el-gomar
En ya7remoona   En ya7remoona
Er7am 3abeedak   Er7am 3abeedak
Esber we rabbak kareem   Esber we rabbak kareem
Galaw jamalah (HALA Feb.)   Galaw jamalah (HALA Feb.)
Hala (HALA Feb.)   Hala (HALA Feb.)
Kaif aloomak   Kaif aloomak
Kaif aloomak (HALA Feb.)   Kaif aloomak (HALA Feb.)
Kelen yeleen   Kelen yeleen
La teloomonah (w/ Rwaished)   La teloomonah (w/ Rwaished)
Law 5ayarooni   Law 5ayarooni
Mahma yegoloon   Mahma yegoloon
Min tenakar   Min tenakar
Sul6an zamanah (HALA Feb.)   Sul6an zamanah (HALA Feb.)
Te7e6 bergobti 7ajar   Te7e6 bergobti 7ajar
Wahag al-sail   Wahag al-sail
Ya msaber el-maw3ood   Ya msaber el-maw3ood
Ya sa7iby   Ya sa7iby
Ya sa7iby (HALA Feb.)   Ya sa7iby (HALA Feb.)
Ya seedi wa5a    Ya seedi wa5a 
Zeman oo ayam (HALA Feb.)   Zeman oo ayam (HALA Feb.)