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خالد عبد الرحمن





3ahd 3alay (7afla)   3ahd 3alay (7afla)
A3'aar (Abha)   A3'aar (Abha)
Ahlan hala bek (7afla)   Ahlan hala bek (7afla)
El-sail   El-sail
Jar7 gedeem   Jar7 gedeem
Ma ansaak   Ma ansaak
Madyoonah   Madyoonah
Mar7oom   Mar7oom
Me3'tireb   Me3'tireb
Min 3athab el-bo3d   Min 3athab el-bo3d
Nesnas el-hawa   Nesnas el-hawa
Noorin   Noorin
Rathy (w/ A7lam)   Rathy (w/ A7lam)
Sadegeeni (7afla)   Sadegeeni (7afla)
Safery   Safery
Tegwa el-hager (w/ A7lam)   Tegwa el-hager (w/ A7lam)
Wain enty   Wain enty
Weddi teshoof el-ham   Weddi teshoof el-ham
Wesh begali   Wesh begali
Wesh tentither (Abha)   Wesh tentither (Abha)
Wesh tentither (Dubai)   Wesh tentither (Dubai)
Ya sa7ebi   Ya sa7ebi
Ya shoog (Abha)   Ya shoog (Abha)
Zalait   Zalait