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كرامه المرسال




3esht feeha 3esht feeha
3akaha ya m3akki 3akaha ya m3akki
5oth min el-hashemi 5oth min el-hashemi
6aab al-hana 6aab al-hana
7abibi 7al fee galbi 7abibi 7al fee galbi
7obbi laha 7obbi laha
Bat7amal el-joor Bat7amal el-joor
Elli 7asabtoh sar Elli 7asabtoh sar
Mar kal ban Mar kal ban
Nalat 3ala yadiha Nalat 3ala yadiha
Reddi hawak Reddi hawak
Seer wet5abar Seer wet5abar
Ta7adooni Ta7adooni
Wa lailah Wa lailah
Ya man fotentu behi Ya man fotentu behi