Uh oh! Woody is all mixed up and needs your help to get back together again! Recreate the picture of Woody by sliding all the pieces of this puzzle back into place!
Choose your team - the Chipmunks or the Chipettes - and off you go! Sail up and away and all over the world in a beautiful multi-colored balloon!
Where did they go? Can you find and match all the pieces in this 5 level game of memory? See how fast you can through all the levels!
Oh no! The Beaver's prized possession - his brand new, shiny bicycle has been stolen by the neighborhood bully! It is up to you to help the Beaver run through a series of mazes to get the bike back!
Wild and wooly "Woody Invaders" are after our hero! He needs your help in blasting through each level of invaders in this fast moving, action packed game!
Keep your eye on the ball! It's you and Woody up against Wally Walrus in this exciting and head turning tennis match!
Not one, not two - but THREE different levels are what you are going to break through to beat the wily Dapper Denver Dooley!
A new twist on follow the leader! Play this fun memory puzzle with Fievel and his friends!
Match all the pieces in this 5 level memory tip-top-terrific and full-of-fun game!
Fievel is all mixed up and he needs your help to get back together again!