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Since we are in the process of creating our own musical content, you may wish to enjoy listening to the music found in these select sites. While most run on Real Player, some may require for you to have Windows Media Player.  It's always a good idea for you to have both on your PC.






5ams el-7awas   5ams el-7awas
5asarteeni   5asarteeni
Denya el-walah   Denya el-walah
E7teyaji lek   E7teyaji lek
El-3oyoon el-sood   El-3oyoon el-sood
Enta el-sebab   Enta el-sebab
Legait roo7i   Legait roo7i
Mabsoo6   Mabsoo6
Makeeda   Makeeda
Masmoo7   Masmoo7
Saf7eti bel 7ob baitha   Saf7eti bel 7ob baitha
Seb7ano   Seb7ano
Shakshaka   Shakshaka
Tehadedny   Tehadedny
Ya bo 3abdallah   Ya bo 3abdallah
Ya min yera3ini   Ya min yera3ini
Ya3ni ana ma7es   Ya3ni ana ma7es
Ya ba3adhom   Ya ba3adhom
Ya dar   Ya dar
Ya naseena   Ya naseena
Ya ward   Ya ward
Zenjebar   Zenjebar